Shayan Shekarabi MD, General Physician and Iranian musician was born in Tehran in1989. He began learning music from an early age with the piano, before he became acquainted with the principals of composing and orchestration. Between 2006 and 2016he appeared on stage as a musician and an arranger. He composed and published the “Walk of Ordibehesht” in 2016 and the “White Raven” by the Daal Band in 2018. In the year 2017 he won the Barbad award for best composition in the fusion genre . He also played the piano in the “Horse and Fire” and “Attar” albums by Arash Kamvar . He is currently continuing his musical carrier as Daal’s pianist and composer. Alongside his artistic activities, in the year 2007 he also entered the Iran University of Medical Sciences which he graduate from in 2015 as a general physician. At the moment he is a doctor at the emergency ward of the Mehregan psychiatric Hospital. He along with his colleagues founded Abrak group in 2018, starting to work as entrepreneurs supporting psychiatric patients and disabled artists. Abrak group won the best idea prize from Iranian scientific association of psychiatry in 2019.


Walk of Ordibehesht


White Raven

آلبوم کلاغ سفید


The Silent Half

Dancing My Song

The Olive Blossoms

Just like a dream

The Red Moon

A Music From The Heart

Research Goal

As you know during externship , heart examination and auscultation is taught to medical students  by the instructors .During instruction recorded heart auscultations are played in the classroom for  the students who after listening,memorize the related pathologie.ShayanShekarabi has presented an idea that various heart  sounds can be  paired with  rhythmic  and  familiar  musical sounds . Until now in this  inter - field research several musical pieces have been created and recorded based  on S3,S4 and midsystolic clicks whichwere captured during heart examinations.These pieces have been widely welcomed by cardiologist and medical students . At the moment  Shayan Shekarabi wishes to record this idea as an organized and regulated  collection and release  it with the  dual  goals of  enjoyment of musical  art  and  learning  aid  method  for learning various heart sounds ,which will be much more  interesting for medical  students to learn and  retain . In this  musical collection  the  sounds of the heart have been  matched  with  musical  pieces  in  a  manner  that  the melodies  will  recreate  the  sounds of the human  heart  under different conditions and diseases for the listener

Project description

Shayan Shekarabi wants the general structure of the music to be melodies from Iranian musical  instruments  mixed  with standard  world  instruments The midsystolic  click  track  from  this collection can be heard in the below player


Mid-systolic click is a high frequency sound heard with the diaphragm of the stethoscope in mid-systole that results from the abrupt halting of prolapsing mitral valve leaflets' excursion into the atrium;  so the words "mid-systolic click" are virtually synonymous with prolapse of the mitral valve You can listen to S1 (first sound) and S2 (second sound) and the click sound in  mid-systole  which is due to prolapse in the mitral valve